Smart Scan: Clean up Mac Space

  • Detect device type and network connection
  • Clear system junk, mail storage, and iTunes junk
  • Securely empty Trash and free up space

Check Device Type & Network State

Macube can tell your Mac models and your network state. You can view if the internet is normal and see the connection of speed of your Mac.

Clear iTunes Junk

iTunes cache and download will take up so much space on your Mac An iTunes cleaner like Macube can help you clean up iTunes and make iTunes run faster on Mac.

iOS Backups

Some backups of iPhone will take up many gigabytes of disk space on Mac. Delete the unwanted backups.

iTunes Cache Data

iTunes creates and accumulates data when you stream songs or visit the iTunes store. Remove these caches so iTunes can run more smoothly.

iOS Update

There are left behind after the iOS software completing the updates. Your Mac will get so much free space after deleting the updated files.

Incomplete Downloads

The interrupted downloading contents on iTunes will eat up space on your Mac. Delete these useless files to get more storage space on Mac.

Remove System Junk

You will be surprised how much space you can get after cleaning up Mac with Macube.

User Logs

Your operation on Mac will be recorded every day. Delete the unnecessary user logs can free up your Mac,

App Cache

When you use apps on Mac, they will generate many useless files and occupy too much space. Erase the app cache with Macube.

System Logs

Some logs created by the operating system are outdated. Clean up the system logs to gain more disk space on Mac.

System Cache

System cache allows you to access some apps and services quickly. Delete some of the unnecessary parts will not influence using the Mac.

Clean Up Mail Cache and Attachment

Mail app caches every single email offline, which creates cache data on Mac. Also, it saves attachments like photos, videos, PDFs, ZIP files, etc. That’s why it takes up so much storage space. Macube will find out all the cache and attachments in the email. Delete the unwanted files to free up your Mac disk.

Macube Cleaner: Your Junk Removal Solution

Reclaim disk space by cleaning mail trash, iTunes junks, system caches and more.