Manage Extensions to Customize Your Mac

There is an easy way to enable or disable the add-ons so you can speed up your Mac or quickly access the apps or browsers. Detect all plug-ins on Mac and put them into different categories, which make you manage simply.

You Should Manage Add-ons Due to these Defects

Your Mac becomes slow with many extensions on

They would slow down the apps or browsers

They may modify your app's settings

Some will add the annoying advertisements

Track your private behavious and save to corporations

They can hack your computre if with malware

Find What You Need to Customize

Quicklook lets you quick preview the files without opening one by one

Spotlight allows you to make something highlighted and clear.

Proxy works as additional helper for some apps to enhance the functionality.

Login includes all startup items. Disable some of them to shorten the boot time.

Services accepts text and files from current apps or Finder.

Comparison Between Manually Disabling and Using Macube Cleaner

Way 1. Disable Extension Manually

Open certain app/browser > Find extension/add-on in Settings > Turn it off or remove. (For login items: "System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items > Select items to hide".)

Way 2. Use Macube Cleaner 's Extension

Launch the program and move to "Extension" > Scan all plugins or add-ons > Choose to disable or enable.

Extension Manager: Enable or Disable Plugin in One Click

Scan the entire Mac to load all extensions. You can selectively manage them.