Delete the Duplicate and Similar Items from Your Mac

The top duplicate files remover detects all repeated items and similar images on Mac in several seconds. Say goodbye to the copies and get more disk space after deleting the duplicates and similar photos.

Top Features of Duplicate Finder and Similar Images Finder

Detect duplicates of various file types

Locate duplicates on any disk, in any folder

Select certain path to scan items

Find hidden duplicates

View size, name, path of items

Display repeated items by name or size

Preset the degree of similarity to find images

Locate and Delete The Duplicates

You may not know there are various repeated files on your Macbook or iMac. It doesn't matter. The smart Macube Cleaner can detect the copies of all items, including videos, music, images, documents and more. Preview the duplicate files and then get them out of the Mac to free up XXX MB/ XX GB storage.

Remove Similars According to the Similarity

The similar images also take up too much space so you can set up the similarity (90% is recommended) to find out the images that look alike in the Mac. Macube Cleaner will help you automatically select some of them or you can select manually to do some cleaning. Here suggest you preview before cleanup lest the important photos are mistakenly deleted.

Macube Cleaner: Find Duplicates and Similars within Minutes.

Remove the useless duplicate files and similar images to get more free disk space.