Files Shredder: Permanently Erase Data from Mac

  • Select any file that you want from mac
  • Hit Erase button for complete removal
  • The delete file is unrecoverable

Secure & Complete Deletion without Leftover

No matter what you choose to delete (MP4, JPG, GIF, DOC, DMG and more), Macube Cleaner's Eraser feature will get rid of the files without leaving any trace. Anything related to the item would be deleted so no one can access the files again. It is 100% safe to delete the vital content on Mac.

The Shredding Cannot Be Canceled

This shredder does better than directly emptying the trash and you cannot undo this erasing since the removed items cannot be retrieved, which would be overwritten by other data. There is no recovery software able to get the deleted data back to your Mac. Thus, please double check before erasing.

Macube Cleaner: Your Best Mac Eraser Here!

One click to shred your files thoroughly lest others access your data again.