Is 256GB Mac Enough For Regular User and Web Developor?

author Aria Ford
date Friday, August 18, 2023

Is 256GB Mac enough for most regular users? Is it enough for web developers who code and program? The answer is enough. If you want to know the specific reason, continue to look down. The following will tell you how big 256GB is, how much it can store, and whether it can meet the needs of various users. If it is not enough, should you change the computer? All answers will be answered in this article.

Part 1: What is the concept of 256GB?

Knowing how much storage you need to use your Mac requires knowing the size of your files, media, and apps.

The most common storage space required for photos, videos, and games:

A photo is 2-3MB, a video (movie) is about 1GB/hour, and games are about 5-10GB. These are average sizes. You can make an approximate estimate based on your current living habits.

Let's take a look at how much storage space the most popular applications on the MacBook require.







Pixelmator Pro

581.4 MB


3.1 GB

Microsoft Word

10 GB

You can first search the official website of the Mac App Store for all the software you will download to find out how much memory is required, so as to have a better understanding of your needs.

Part 2: Is 256GB Mac Enough For Regular User and Web Developor?

For two different groups of people, ordinary users and web developers, they use Macs for different jobs. The following will analyze in detail whether a 256GB Mac is enough for them.

1. Is 256GB Mac Enough For Regular User?

For Regular users, I recommend you to buy a 256GB Mac. Because compared to 512GB with more storage space, 256GB will be 200 dollars cheaper in price first, and you can use these 200 dollars to buy many other things you need, like AirPods. Or buy an external hard drive when the memory is not enough.

If you want to use a computer for a long time, 256GB is definitely not enough, because as you use it longer, the various junk files and various software caches left in your computer will increase. At that time, with the update of the iOS system, your computer may freeze due to insufficient memory, and you can only change the computer in the end.

freeze due to insufficient memory | Is 256GB Mac Enough

If you're a college student and want to use your Mac for coursework while you're in college, I think 256GB is more than enough. The files submitted for homework will not take up too much memory temporarily, especially now that most assignments/papers use Google Drive. At the same time, if you want to download a movie to watch during your rest time, 256GB is more than enough. Even taking into account the OS and pre-installed mandatory apps will automatically take up 20GB of space. You can also download at least five or six game software.

But if you want to continue to use this Mac after college, you may give up this idea because there are too many files, media, and caches stored in the computer.

college student | Is 256GB Mac Enough

2. Is 256GB Mac Enough For Web Developor?

As a web developer you will definitely need to write code, here are four factors you can consider.

The size of your codebase: If you're working on a large project with many files, your storage needs will be higher than if you're working on a smaller project. For example, if you are developing a web development project with multiple pages, images, and database files, you may need 256GB of storage if you were developing a simple Python script.

web development project | Is 256GB Mac Enough

Types of files you work with: Depending on the programming language and tools you use, you may have large files, such as images or databases, that require additional storage. For example, if you are developing a project that involves manipulating large datasets, 256GB of storage is a good choice.

Personal data storage needs: In addition to programming files, you may also need to store personal files such as documents, photos, music, and videos on your laptop. This can take up a lot of storage space, especially if you have a large media collection.

Use of virtual machines: If you plan to use a virtual machine to run multiple operating systems or test different software environments, you need to consider the storage requirements of the virtual machine itself. Depending on the operating system and software you're running, virtual machines can take up a lot of storage space. For example, if you are running a virtual machine running Windows 10 and Visual Studio, you may need to allocate at least 30GB of storage to the virtual machine.

If you, as a web developer, want to use a 256GB Mac for a long time, you'd better get into the habit of cleaning up the storage regularly.

Part 3: How To Check MacBook Storage Space macOS Ventura (or earlier)

1. Check free space on macOS Ventura using System Settings

Step 1: Open System Settings.

Step 2: Click General in the sidebar.

Step 3: Click Storage in the right panel.

Click Storage in the right panel | Is 256GB Mac Enough

Step 4: You will see the barchart of what’s taking space on your disk.

2. Check space on macOS Monterey (or earlier) using About this Mac panel

Step 1: Click on the Apple icon in the Menu bar.

Step 2: Select About This Mac.

About This Mac | Is 256GB Mac Enough

Step 3: Switch to the Storage tab.

Step 4: Here you will find information about the space occupied by different types of files. Also, in this window, you can check the free disk space.

find information | Is 256GB Mac Enough

Part 4:What If I Run Out of Space?

If you read this article because the Mac storage is full, don’t rush to change the computer, try to clean up the Mac storage? Or backup the MAC to other places. The following will introduce you to three efficient ways.

Method 1: Smart Clean Up Mac Storage

Here we recommend you to use the smart cleaning software - Macube Cleaner. Macube is a software specially designed for Mac, which can release your storage space with one click while protecting your personal information with absolute security. Helps you clean up junk files and attachments, including iTunes, photos, videos, PDFs, ZIP files, etc.

There are also duplicate or hidden files and photos, which can be quickly scanned for you to view and delete. In order to protect your personal privacy, Macube can also help you clean up the cache in the browser and automatically save the login password. Can also help you uninstall stubborn virus software to protect your computer system from infringement. This is a cleaning software that kills multiple birds with one stone

Free Download Free Download

The operation method is also very simple, the steps are as follows:

Step 1: Download and click on the Macube icon to launch the software.

Step 2: Select and click "Smart Scan" in the left frame.

Smart Scan | Is 256GB Mac Enough

Step 3: Preview scan results and select unwanted files, photos, video and,so on.

Smart Scan2 | Is 256GB Mac Enough

Step 4: Click the "Clean" button, and you can quickly reclaim the memory.

Smart Scan3 | Is 256GB Mac Enough

Method 2: Using an External Drive

Using the external hard disk to store the required files is also a method. You need to connect the hard disk to your computer, then open the hard disk on the computer, and drag the required files into the hard disk. It’s just that the external drives on the market are either too big and inconvenient to carry, or too small and easy to lose, so you need to be careful.

Using the external hard disk | Is 256GB Mac Enough

Method 3: Using iCloud

If you think hard disk storage is cumbersome and heavy. Well, you can use cloud storage instead, which can help take the stress out of having such a small amount of storage. Tools like iCloud or Dropbox allow you to migrate any data and offload it to the cloud. Free up your precious hard drive space! It's just that they're also expensive.

Using icloud | Is 256GB Mac Enough

Summarizing the above three methods, I still recommend you the first one - use Macube Cleaner, download it to your computer and you can always leave more storage space for your Mac.


Q: How much storage do I need for video editing on a Mac?

For video editing, a recommended amount of RAM is 16GB. This is because most computers typically come with 4GB of RAM, which may cause performance issues when editing videos. By upgrading to 16GB, you’ll have enough memory to handle multitasking without your computer slowing down. With 16GB of RAM, you should be able to edit 1080p projects or work with 4K files with minimal effects smoothly.

Q: Most Popular Storage Option For MacBooks

512 GB is a popular choice for many, and 256 GB is the second most popular option on MacBooks. A MacBook with 256 GB of storage is usually less expensive than a MacBook with a larger storage capacity such as 512 GB or 1 TB, but it still provides enough storage for most users.


All in all, this article recommends you to buy a 256GB mac computer, because even if your computer storage is not enough in the end, there are many ways to solve it now. You can use our recommended product - Macube Cleaner to clean up storage, or you can buy iCloud Or an external hard drive to store backups.