Is Cleaner One Pro Worth It? In-depth Reviews and Alternative

author Aria Ford
date Monday, August 28, 2023

Looking for a reliable and efficient Mac cleaning app? This article provides a detailed comparative review of Trend Micro's Cleaner One Pro and Macube Cleaner. Both apps claim to offer a comprehensive set of tools to optimize Mac performance. We'll compare them in terms of features, ease of use, price, and customer support. Read on to find out which Mac cleaning software is best for your needs.

Part 1: Is Cleaner One Pro Good For Mac?

Cleaner One Pro is a software solution launched by Trend Micro in 2019. The application is designed to keep your Mac running fast and smoothly by removing junk files, duplicate files, large files, and other unwanted items. You can view scan results and delete unwanted items with one click. Cleaner One Pro also has a Disk Mapping feature that shows disk space usage and lets you manage files to free up space.

Cleaner One Pro has a simple and intuitive interface, making it easy to use. After installing and launching the app, you'll see a window that have various functions.

cleaner one pro | cleaner one pro


Scan: With a scan function, find the junk in your Mac that can be cleaned up.

Application Manager: With the software management function, you can uninstall unnecessary software that takes up a lot of memory, and free up storage space with one click.

Startup Manager: This feature helps you see the applications that start up automatically and how they affect your startup time. You can also enable or disable any startup item.

File Shredder: With Cleaner One Pro, you can delete sensitive and private files so that they cannot be recovered.

Disk Map: This feature helps you see what's taking up the most space on your disk or in specific folders, and find and delete large files that you no longer need on your Mac.

Performance Monitor: You will see it in the menu bar. You can see how much CPU, memory, disk, and network resources your Mac is using.

Price: $24.59/Year(1PC); $36.89/Year(5PC);

Supported System: Window & Mac

1. Advantage & Disadvantage of Cleaner One Pro

Without exception, each software will have its own advantages and disadvantages, so what are the advantages and disadvantages of Cleaner One Pro? Let's take a look.



Easy to use dashboard

Unable to scan out old files

Fast and responsive

The browser cache cannot be cleared

Monitor computer data at all times

No hidden file finder

Quick and friendly support

The free trial version has limited features


The company had a bad reputation in the past

2. What Do Users Think About Cleaner One Pro?

✅ Some users like Cleaner One Pro because it is very easy to use and has a registry cleaning tool that you can trust.

cleaner one pro2 | cleaner one pro

✅ A user of Cleaner One Pro left a message on the App Store saying that he was satisfied with the cleaning function of the software, but felt that the software itself took up too much space.

cleaner one pro3 | cleaner one pro

❌ A user communicated in the Trend Micro home user community that he could not choose which files to delete. When cleaning up junk files, he had only the option to clean up all. His important files were deleted as trash and could not be retrieved.

cleaner one pro4 | cleaner one pro

❌ Here another user commented on the Apple Store that he thought the software might have deleted something he needed to keep, such as old messages, contact information, or just game data for games he played. Especially when he's running two Game Center accounts on the same tablet, it's easy to delete one of them with no warning of any kind.

cleaner one pro5 | cleaner one pro

These evaluations show that Cleaner One Pro has a certain cleaning ability, but its cleaning details are not informed to users, and the control is completely given to customers. So using Cleaner One Pro still has certain risks.

The following will introduce you a more comprehensive and safer Mac cleaning software.

Part 2: [Optimal Version] Mac Cleaner software-Macube Cleaner

Macube Cleaner is a very mature software that will confirm to you every step of deletion. For example, if you need to make a selection in the preview mode, you can choose to arrange by file type or size, and then check the files you want to delete. So Macube Cleaner is absolutely safe and will not delete your important information and files.

Free Download Free Download

To be more realistic, I'll show you the cleaning steps.

  • Smart Scan:

Firstly, Click "Smart Scan" on the left, Macube Cleaner has very advanced smart scan technology, which can help you scan out System junk, log files, application caches, iTunes backups, email attachments, etc.

macube cleaner smart scan1 | cleaner one pro

After the smart scan, you can preview the files that Macube Cleaner suggested you delete. You can use the magnifying glass next to the file to see which folder these files come from, how much memory they occupy, and when they were saved, and then you select the file you want to delete.

macube cleaner smart scan2 | cleaner one pro

Finally, you click the "Clean" button to complete the cleanup. Get lots of storage on your Mac with ease

macube cleaner smart scan3 | cleaner one pro

It's convenient isn't it? Safe and simple operation, meeting the needs of users has always been the pursuit of Macube Cleaner.

Macube Cleaner has many functions waiting for you to explore. This article will introduce another function that you will definitely use-APP Uninstaller

  • Efficient App Uninstaller:

Our Mac always encounters a common problem, that is, it is invaded by malware, and these malware cannot be removed, and they keep popping up annoying software. If you want to uninstall the app from your Mac, select this option from the sidebar and click “Scan”.

macube cleaner app unistaller1 | cleaner one pro

In this window, you'll see all your apps and can sort them by size or last opened date to find and delete large unused apps.

macube cleaner app unistaller2 | cleaner one pro

Finally, click "Clean" to completely say goodbye to the nasty apps you don't want.

macube cleaner app unistaller3 | cleaner one pro

  • Macube Cleaner can not only clean up junk files, uninstall applications, but also has File Shredder: Permanently delete files of any type.

macube cleaner File Shredder1 | cleaner one pro

  • Extension Management: Enable or disable add-ons so you can speed up your Mac.

macube cleaner Extension Management | cleaner one pro

  • Delete Large & Old Files and Duplicate File: Macube helps you find and delete useless file duplicates to free up disk space.

macube cleaner Large Old Files | cleaner one pro

  • Security and privacy protection: It is safe to clean history, cookies and HTML local storage for Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

macube cleaner Security and privacy protection | cleaner one pro

  • Similar Image Finder: Macube has a unique algorithm and function to find similar images on Mac. You can set similarity criteria to find and remove similar images.

macube cleaner Similar Image Finder | cleaner one pro

All of the above functions require the consent of the user, so it is absolutely safe.

What Do Users Think About Macube Cleaner?

In addition to the powerful functions of the software itself, we also need to look at user satisfaction, after all, users are the first.

✅The user thinks that Macube can help him find files with large memory and keep more than one year, which cleans up a large part of the memory for him.

macube cleaner review1 | cleaner one pro

✅There is also a user who only has 128GB of hard disk memory, but he cleared 35GB of storage from iTunes through Macube, which is simply amazing. His computer can be used as smoothly as new again.

macube cleaner review2 | cleaner one pro

At present, we have not found any bad reviews about Macube, and we believe that this situation will support Macube Cleaner to work harder to develop new functions to serve users.

Part 3: Comparison Table

Cleaner One Pro

Macube Cleaner


$24.59/Year(1 PC);
$36.89/Year (5PC)

  $69.95/lifetime plan(2PC)

Cache and logs cleaning


Scan two documents at the same time

Downloads folder cleaning


Similar image finder
(The similarity can be set)

Uninstalling apps


RAM cleaning


Managing web browser extensions

Finding and removing duplicates


Hidden files finding



Mail downloads cleaning

Free Trial (Open to all functions)


All in all, if you are already using Cleaner One Pro, when you encounter difficulties, it is better to change the software to solve the problem. If you are looking for a Mac cleaning software, we recommend Macube Cleaner first, because it is much more advanced than the existing cleaning software on the market, and its functions are sufficient. It can meet your cleaning needs and guarantee you a satisfactory result.