Top 7 Ways to Fix iMovie Not Enough Disk Space on Mac

author Lorena Hill
date Wednesday, June 19, 2024

iMovie is a free video editing application developed by Apple for its Mac/iPhone/iPad users. It allows Apple users to create videos efficiently but can sometimes present the issue of “iMovie Not Enough Disk Space”. Luckily, the problem is not a big deal and this post will tell you how to get rid of it on Mac.

iMovie insufficient space notification | iMovie Not Enough Disk Space

When Does “iMovie Not Enough Disk Space” Happen

iMovie requires a certain amount of disk space for smooth running, usually at least 25GB. When the space for normal iMovie functionality is insufficient, “Not Enough Disk Space” notification will pop out. You may see notification when you are importing events, creating projects or exporting final videos.

How to Fix iMovie Not Enough Disk Space by Clearing iMovie Disk Space

iMovie can take up too much space on Mac due to its cache, render files, media, etc., making it necessary to clear iMovie disk space. After releasing the disk space taken by iMovie, you may find the issue resolved, because there is much storage for iMovie again.

Fix 1. Clear iMovie Cache

iMovie generates a significant amount of cache when you edit videos, leading to “Not Enough Disk Space” prompt. So, it’s suggested to clear iMovie cache and Macube Cleaner is highly recommended for this task. Macube Cleaner enables you to wipe app cache (e.g. iMovie cache) and system cache from macOS in 3 steps. With the software, you are free from heading to the cache folder for manual cleanup that is troublesome and risky due to the possibility of deleting vital system files.

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  • Completely remove apps and their corresponding files.
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3 Steps to Clear iMovie Cache with Macube

Step 1: Get Macube on your iMac or MacBook.

Step 2: Click Smart Scan on the software main screen.

clear iMovie cache with smart scan | iMovie Not Enough Disk Space

Step 3: Choose the iMovie cache on the left side and hit Clean on the right section to clear iMovie cache.

delete iMovie cache with Macube | iMovie Not Enough Disk Space

Fix 2. Delete Unneeded Projects

No matter whether the projects are finished or not, they will be saved on iMovie by default. Although this is convenient for your access and continuous edit, these projects could use a lot of space. So, don’t hesitate to check the project list to delete the ones you no longer need, such as the exported or outdated projects.

Step 1: Run iMovie on your Mac and switch to Projects at the top menu.

Step 2: Scroll through the projects to locate the unwanted ones. Hover your mouse over its name. Then, click the three-dot icon and choose Delete Project.

delete iMovie projects | iMovie Not Enough Disk Space

Fix 3. Remove Useless Events and Media Clips

If there are unneeded event files or media clips on your iMovie, try to remove them and some space will be reclaimed after that.

Step 1: Open iMovie on your Mac computer.

Step 2: Check your events in the sidebar and right-click the one you don’t need. Next, click Delete Event in the context menu to delete it.

delete iMovie projects | iMovie Not Enough Disk Space

Step 3: To delete a media clip, open the corresponding event and click the target clip while pressing Control, followed by selecting Delete Media from Event.

delete iMovie media | iMovie Not Enough Disk Space

Fix 4. Clear iMovie Render Files

Render files are temporary items created when a video is previewed or exported and will be generated the next time you use them, which means they are available to delete. To wipe these render files, the steps are as follows.

Step 1: Access the iMovie menu and choose Preferences.

access iMovie Preferences | iMovie Not Enough Disk Space

Step 2: In the Preferences window, locate Render Files and click Delete.

delete iMovie render files | iMovie Not Enough Disk Space

Step 3: Confirm your operation by hitting Delete again.

How to Fix iMovie Not Enough Disk Space by Cleaning up Entire Mac Storage

Besides clearing iMovie disk space, Mac storage cleanup is also a good option to get rid of “Not Enough Disk Space on iMovie”. Adequate Mac storage can provide enough space for iMovie to use and thus the problem is fixed for sure. To help you clear your Mac efficiently, a one-stop solution using Macube Cleaner is introduced for you. Macube can tidy and optimize your Mac storage via its 5 powerful tools including junk cleaner, app uninstaller, large & old files finder, duplicate remover and browser wiper. You can follow the steps below to clear your Mac with the free version of Macube and regain gigabytes of available storage space.

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Preparation: Launch Macube Cleaner after installing it on your Mac.

Step 1: Click Smart Scan and Macube will find all app clutters and system junk for you.

clear Mac storage step 1 | iMovie Not Enough Disk Space

Step 2: Select all junk items and hit Clean to remove them from your macOS.

clear Mac storage step 2  | iMovie Not Enough Disk Space

Step 3: Click Large & Old Files in the sidebar and choose Scan.

delete large and old files Mac step 1 | iMovie Not Enough Disk Space

Step 4: The large or old files will be scanned out instantly and you are able to remove these files by selecting them and clicking Clean.

delete large and old files Mac step 2 | iMovie Not Enough Disk Space

Step 5: Move to Duplicate Finder feature. Then, click Scan to find all duplicate files on your Mac.

remove duplicates Mac step 1 | iMovie Not Enough Disk Space

Step 6: Check the duplicates and delete them by hitting Clean.

remove duplicates Mac step 2 | iMovie Not Enough Disk Space

Step 7: Choose Uninstaller from the sidebar and click Scan.

uninstall Mac apps step 1 | iMovie Not Enough Disk Space

Step 8: From all apps listed by Macube, check the unneeded ones and hit Clean to remove the apps without leftovers.

uninstall Mac apps step 2 | iMovie Not Enough Disk Space

Step 9: Use the Privacy feature to scan out the data from browsers on your Mac.

clear Mac browser data step 1 | iMovie Not Enough Disk Space

Step 10: Choose the browser first and then its corresponding files to delete.

clear Mac browser data step 2 | iMovie Not Enough Disk Space

How to Fix iMovie Not Enough Disk Space without Cleanup

If iMovie “Not Enough Disk Space” quickly reappears after following the fixes above due to the small-capacity Mac hard drive, then consider migrating the iMovie library that contains projects, events and media to an external hard drive via the steps here.

Step 1: Completely close iMovie.

Step 2: Connect an external drive to your Mac. Erase the drive in Disk Utility and format it as APFS, if it’s not empty.

format external disk Mac | iMovie Not Enough Disk Space

Step 3: After formatting, open Finder and click the external drive in the sidebar. Then, press Command + I to access the Get Info box.

Step 4: In the Info window, expand Sharing & Permissions and check  Ignore ownership on this volume.

check Ignore ownership on this volume | iMovie Not Enough Disk Space

Step 5: Access Movies in Finder. Then, drag the iMovie Library and drop it on the external disk.

copy iMovie Library | iMovie Not Enough Disk Space

Step 6: Once the iMovie Library transfer is finished, open the migrated Library in iMovie and ensure all your files are included.

Step 7: Move the iMovie Library files from the Movies folder to the Trash. At last, right-click Trash and choose Empty Trash.

delete iMovie Library | iMovie Not Enough Disk Space

What to Do If iMovie Says Not Enough Disk Space but There is on Mac

Getting “iMovie Not Enough Disk Space” pop-out even when there is plenty of available space on your Mac? It’s possible that the iMovie itself is the culprit. In such cases, you can attempt to fully uninstall iMovie first and then reinstall it.

To uninstall iMovie, there are 2 options for you. One option is to move iMovie to Trash and delete its leftovers in the related folders of ~Library, such as Preferences, Caches, Container, and Application Support. The other option is to use the app uninstaller of Macube Cleaner to entirely uninstall iMovie in one click.

uninstall apps completely on Mac | iMovie Not Enough Disk Space

Wrap Up

If your Mac drive is huge, you can follow the steps about clearing iMovie disk space and Mac storage to get rid of the issue “iMovie Not Enough Disk Space”. While your Mac disk is small, it’s suggested to move iMovie Library to an external hard drive to ensure enough space for iMovie.