How to Uninstall Photoshop CS6/CS5/CC on Mac

By Anders Smith

Saturday, August 07, 2021

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Adobe Photoshop is a very powerful software for making photos, but when you don't need the app anymore or the app is misbehaving, you need to completely uninstall Photoshop from your computer.

Here is how to uninstall Adobe Photoshop on Mac, including Adobe Photoshop CS6/CS5/CS4/CS3/CS2, Photoshop CC from Adobe Creative Cloud suite, Photoshop Elements. It takes different steps to uninstall Photoshop CS6/Elements as standalone software and to uninstall Photoshop CC from the Creative Cloud bundle.


As one of the most storage heavy applications, Photoshop is difficult to be uninstalled completely from your Mac. If you can't uninstall Photoshop on Mac, jump to part 3 to see what to do with an app uninstaller for Mac (opens new window)

1. How to Uninstall Photoshop CC on Mac

Maybe you have installed Adobe Creative Cloud and Photoshop CC is included in the Creative Suite. Now that you need to uninstall Photoshop CC from Macbook or iMac, you need to use the Creative Cloud desktop application to do it.

Note: Simply dragging Photoshop CC to the Trash won't uninstall the app properly.

You can follow the below steps to uninstall Photoshop CC on Mac.

Step 1: Open Creative Cloud desktop by clicking its icon on the Menu bar.

Step 2: Enter your Adobe ID and password to log in.

Step 3: Click on the App tab. You will see a series of installed apps.

Step 4: Choose the app you want to uninstall in the Installed Apps section. Here we choose Photoshop CC.

Step 5: Click the arrow icon. (The arrow icon is next to the Open or Update button.)

Step 6: Click on Manage > Uninstall.

Uninstall Photoshop CC

To uninstall Photoshop CC/CS6 with Creative Cloud desktop, you need to log into your Adobe ID with network connection, what if you are offline, how to uninstall Photoshop without logging in? Use methods 2 or 3.

2. How to Uninstall Photoshop CS6/CS5/CS3/Elements on Mac

If you didn't download Adobe Creative Cloud but downloaded Photoshop CS6/CS5 or Photoshop Elements as standalone software, how is how you can manually uninstall Photoshop on Mac.

Here we provide you some tips:

Step 1: Open Finder.

Step 2: Go to Applications > Utilities > Adobe Installers.

Step 3: Click Uninstall Adobe Photoshop CS6/CS5/CS3/CC.

Uninstall Photoshop CS6 on Mac

Step 4: Enter your password.

Step 5: Choose to agree to "Remove Preferences". If you don't agree, the Photoshop app will be uninstalled, but the Mac will retain your usage habits. If you want to uninstall Photoshop completely from your Mac, it is recommended to tick "Remove Preferences" to remove the preferences file.

Remove Photoshop CS6 Preferences

Step 6: Click Macintosh HD > Applications > Utilities to delete the extra files in the Adobe Installers and Adobe Utilities folders.

3. Can't Uninstall Photoshop, What to Do?

If the above steps don't go well and you still can't uninstall Photoshop software, or you want to uninstall Photoshop and its data completely in a simple way, you can use

Macube Cleaner (opens new window)

This is an uninstaller app that can completely delete an app and its data from Mac by one click, which is more thorough and simple than normal uninstallation.

To uninstall Photoshop completely from your Mac, download Macube Cleaner to your Mac first. It works on macOS 10.10 and above.

Step 1: Run Macube Cleaner and you will see all types of data you can clean with the app. Click on "Uninstaller" to uninstall Photoshop.

Macube Cleaner Uninstaller

Step 2: Then click on the "Scan" button on the right. Macube Cleaner will automatically scan the applications installed on your Mac. After the scan is over, you can see all the applications installed on the Mac and the files associated with those applications.

Uninstall Apps

Step 3: Click on Photoshop and its data.

Step 4: Find the yellow "Clean" button in the lower right corner and click it, which will remove Photoshop completely from your Mac.

By the above simple 4 steps, you can finish the uninstallation of Photoshop on your Mac with Macube Cleaner.

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